April 18, 2010

Crappy weather and boring pics

The weather has been shitty the past few days. I usually walk around and take some snaps but it's been raining, crappy and cold. I haven't felt like shooting. Last week it was 90 degrees (actually set a record one day) and I was dressed in my "summer mode" wearing painter pants, a t-shirt and Teva sandals. This week it's in the 40s and 50s and I'm back to a heavy jacket, jeans and boots. It's like fall out there. I'm ready for summer. Coney Island is calling.

Today I took a walk in the Bronx. I expected it to be unsafe and run down--it wasn't. It was like Inwood. Maybe next time I'll go more towards the South Bronx. The ghetto slums of the '70s and '80s just aren't here anymore. I might take a trip to Camden, NJ. I hear it's awful. I love awful.

Expected to hear a report of some guy falling out of a window in the village. He was five floors up. Afternoon light, west side.
On the bus... textured hat.

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