April 22, 2010

Evolution and KFC

These chicken heads are really fascinating me. I don't think I've ever shot so many images of one single thing. Such a lizard-like appearance. Perhaps Darwin was on to something. From my in-depth 15-minute investigation on evolution, somewhere around 245-260 million years ago scales turned into feathers and lizards started gliding around and one thing lead to another and pretty soon birds were all over the place, eventually leading to Colonel Sanders opening the first KFC in 1952. And now, I'm taking photos of rooster heads making me ponder evolution. Crazy shit.

Note: Did you know that the top 3 poultry producers provide 356,550,000 lbs of meat a year for us to eat? That's just the top 3. 356 MILLION pounds. Their business practices, animal rights issues and environmental issues are ALL in question and all have had multiple charges against them. The poultry and meat industries are horrible at best. I'm seriously thinking of being a vegetarian. Or, only eat what I can shoot, spear or catch.

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  1. Where the fuck did you get those fucking chicken heads?!?! ~CT