April 13, 2010

Beverages and snaps

I apologize for my post yesterday. Snapshots of flowers was a lame-assed thing to put up. Compared to today's post, which is much more informative and interesting (um, yes, that's sarcasm). I'm talking about my CRAZY french press collection. Here's the deal: as most people know, I go to thrift stores. Apparently people donate french presses to thrift stores pretty frequently because I find these things all the time for about $3.99 each. Priced a good french press lately? They're about $40. Just the little replacement screen for one costs $3. So, if I have the opportunity to buy a complete press in perfect condition for $4 why wouldn't I? And, anyone who drinks a cup of coffee made from a french press would understand. They'd soon find out that comparatively "drip" coffee tastes like cat pee. Maybe I'll send one to my sister.

I found this odd, "good taste teabag"

This guy looked ready to collapse. It seemed very heavy
Shadows in Chelsea

Late afternoon on the west side. Very "Hopper-esque".

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