April 5, 2010

Easter freak show

What a beautiful day in NYC. The weather was perfect. I started my day by going to the Easter Parade on 5th Ave. I'm not a parade person nor do I celebrate Easter but I was hoping to snap some photos of those wild hats that black women in Harlem are known for. They obviously stayed in Harlem today because the only people wearing hats at this parade were freaks. I stayed a short time and left. Ventured down to Little Italy and ate some great Italian food.

Religion is a funny thing. As comedian Jim Gaffigan and others have pointed out, I don't know how Easter got mixed up with making and hiding colored eggs, bunnies, baskets filled with candy and stupid hats. And, let's not forget Christmas... How did a fat bearded guy in a red suit become the symbol for the day Jesus was supposedly born? I'll tell you how: Materialism. What America is built on. Holy shit.

Speaking of religion and how screwed up it is, during the parade, in front of St. Patrick's Cathedral, a group of gay people were protesting the Pope's participation in the cover up of that latest priest's recurring child abuse/molestation. Year after year, never seems to go away. Priests abusing little boys... Vatican, we have a problem.

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