October 1, 2010

Cameras, Dogs and Jesus

I've gone off the deep end regarding purchasing point-and-shoot cameras. A few short years ago many of these were considered good quality expensive cameras. Now, you walk into any thrift store and pick them up for about $5 and some for as little as $1.50. I might do a self-published book with photos taken with these cameras. The collection continually grows as I'm becoming a camera hoarder. I love them all. Walking through Times Square the other day I saw this dog waiting for its owner. So focused.
At a thrift store the other day I noticed Jesus in the trash can. I fished him out and found that his legs and arms were broken off. What does one do with a broken Jesus? You can't let the American flag touch the ground but you can throw away Jesus? There should be a Jesus recycling center. I felt I was committing a sin by leaving him there.
In an infrequently traveled corridor of Penn Station people come and sprawl out on the floor to loiter and sleep. This guy was snoring like a freight train. It echoed in the empty room.

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