October 30, 2010

Back from Vancouver

I've been in Vancouver. I took a flight on Cathay Pacific. By far the best airline I've ever flown on. (Apologies to friends for making you hear this again.) When you step onto the plane a very nice looking Asian flight attendant greets you wearing what looks like a stewardess uniform from the 1960s. Hair pulled back into a bun with a tight fitting red skirt and jacket. She hands you a customs form and a menu which says the following (remember, this is coach):


Seasonal fruit

Chicken with black bean sauce, steamed jasmine rice, carrots and broccoli


Braised beef with shitake mushroom sauce, spinach mashed potatoes, green peas and carrots


Ziti pasta with Asiago cheese, asparagus, eggplant and red bell peppers

Apple cheese cake

English bay oatmeal raisin cookie

Beer and Wine

Tea and Coffee

When I flew Delta a few months ago I got a shitty bag of pretzels and a Coke.

I had a lovely time with my friend Amber and her family. We took a ride on the Sea to Sky Highway up to Squamish. Beautiful country up there... looked like photos I've seen of Alaska. I may post more later.

Me on some sort of lookout thing.
Walking through the woods I saw this huge leaf on a rock. I didn't put it there, though something tells me some other nerdy photographer did. A bit too perfect for a chance landing.
Clouds hovering on a distant mountain.
Pulling into a parking space at a beautiful Vancouver park, a family of crazy raccoons started begging at the car door. We couldn't get out. Didn't help that Amber tossed them a few almonds.

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