October 18, 2010

Spring has sprung, Fall has fell

Some of my friends have expressed interest in going to see the fall leaves and apple picking. Sounds great doesn't it? Each year I have the strong desire to do this, though rarely get around to actually doing it. After a few minutes of deep pondering I put the whole idea into perspective: Get up at 6:00am and head to rental car company, rent car for $118, drive 3 hours in traffic, pay $12 in tolls, get lost, finally find orchard, walk around looking for a tree with apples left on it. Two hours later, pay $26 for apples, 2 jars of apple butter, and a gallon of cider. Drive back to city in bumper to bumper traffic, pay $12 in tolls, fill car with $32 of gas, drop off car at rental place, take subway home. Holy shit, that sounds fun!
Or, there's a second option: Go to the Union Square Farmers Market on Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat and get all the apples you need for $1.25 a lb from a variety of orchards. Hmmm....I can't decide.

I saw this in the recent New Yorker.

The other night a "nor'easter" came through NYC and brought on some weird weather. I snapped this cloud hovering over the Empire State Building.

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  1. Your unabashed optimism makes you adorable.