October 10, 2010

Zombies, Nuts and Coney Island

On any given subway ride downtown you'll see at least a few musicians playing on the subway. Some are good, some not so great. This guy was intense. He attempted to sing and play reggae music on a guitar that was completely out of tune. I gave him a dollar and snapped 3 photos. He didn't move, he just stared at me with those crazy zombie eyes. A few months ago while shooting at City Island I saw a Jeep with a set of metallic balls hanging off the trailer hitch. I actually didn't think it was funny, I thought it was the stupidest thing I'd ever seen. I Googled "trailer hitch testicles" and found them under the name Bumper Nuts where they stated "Slap these on your vehicle and show the world who owns the road." Or, what I think it says: "I'm a moronic imbecile who actually paid for fake nuts to go on my car. Did I mention I was also the star of my high school football team in 1981 and play online poker?"
This week I was walking along the Upper West Side and saw this guy with a set of those stupid balls hanging on the back of his wheelchair. Now I've seen everything.
A happy couple enjoying one of the last weekends at Coney Island.
Running through the runoff water of the public showers at Coney Island.

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