October 4, 2010

"Some venison with your latte, Sir?"

Last weekend while in Virginia I went to the local Starbucks close to my sister's condo. As I pulled in, I noticed a dead deer lying near the entrance. This wasn't a fresh kill, it had been sitting there for awhile. I got my morning coffee and drove away. About 1/2 mile down the road I wondered why I hadn't taken a photo of this odd scene. The next day I got up and drove back to Starbucks. The deer was still in the same place and even more bloated than the day before. I got my normal grande decaf and walked out to the street. Coffee in one hand, Canon in the other. Immediately the smell hit me and I noticed it was covered with flies and beginning to decompose. I took my photos and noticed traffic slowing as passengers stared. I could almost hear their conversations just by looking at them: "What's that man doing? He must be crazy...."

1 comment:

  1. steve- people from virginia probably thought you were some sick PETA member. At least thats what I would think...