January 16, 2011

BYO everything

A few years ago I started bringing my own maple syrup to restaurants because I despise the taste of fake corn syrup-based syrups like Log Cabin and Aunt Jemima. I was always slightly embarrassed and reluctant as I pulled out my little container and poured it over my pancakes. Sometimes people would look over and roll their eyes. They probably thought I was diabetic. I think there's a Seinfeld episode where Jerry brings his own maple syrup to a restaurant.
Today I went to a nearby diner and knowing I was going to have scrambled eggs I decided to bring some amazing salsa I recently bought at a local market. The diner's salsa is crappy watery stuff from a jar. I also brought some Starbucks instant coffee and ordered a cup of hot water and half&half to go with my meal.
I foresee in the near future going to a restaurant with a bag of food and just ordering water. Maybe I've taken this BYO? thing too far.

The other day I was walking to the post office when I noticed a large shadow going across the ground. I naturally looked up and spotted a very large hawk landing on a fire escape. I didn't have a zoom lens but snapped a few shots for documentation purposes in case I told the story later and someone told me I was crazy. He sat there for a long time preening and looking around watching the pigeons, probably picking out his next meal. I've seen Pale Male (famous red tailed hawk) many times in Central Park but I've never seen a large Hawk in Inwood... much less one landing on a fire escape.

I've received many negative remarks about my last blog entry about the "mousetrap." I was hesitant about the post. I thought it was funny though very juvenile. Perhaps not my best entry. I feel I should apologize, but I won't.

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