January 18, 2011

WWD & Zoe

Last week WWD had me shoot a fashion piece as well as some photos of Rachel Zoe as she styled her new clothing line. They told me I would be asked to sign a release because Bravo would be filming the shoot. I knew she had a TV show, though I have never seen it. I also knew that it was a reality show so I was expecting some sort of major drama. My assistant Victor and I arrived at 8:00am and set up. Rachel and her large entourage showed up around 10:00. Camera crew, PR people, stylists, seamstresses (3), models (4), makeup, hair, catering.... It was quite the production. I have to admit, I had a knot in my stomach waiting for something "TV worthy" to happen. Introductions were made and the shooting began. I was completely and pleasantly surprised. Rachel, her husband Rodger and everyone else was so cool and there was no drama at all. One of the better days I've had of shooting fashion. A really fun day.

The photos from that day ended up all over the web quickly, The Huffington Post, New York magazine, Glamour.

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