January 26, 2011

Two turkeys

I was walking through Inwood Hill Park early today when I came upon this big old tom turkey standing erect in the forest. I believe he was searching for a mate. I crouched, clucked a few times like a hen and pulled out my trusty Lumix camera. I was able to snap this photo just before he spooked and flew off. Quite the sighting here in Inwood.

Today I was standing in front of my building testing out a lens my friend Todd sold me a few days ago. I had a suspicion that it might be front or back focusing and not as tack-sharp as I had hoped. I was snapping photos at different apertures up and down the block at various things like trees, buildings, cars, planes, etc. etc.
Just as I was focusing on one of those decorative cabbage-like plants covered with snow, a woman who lives in my building walked up behind me and this is pretty much what transpired.

Crazy Neighbor: Umm, excuse me, I don't want you to take any photographs of me.
Me: What?
Her: I don't want you to take any photos of me.
Me: (Staring at her like she's crazy) You must be kidding. Don't flatter yourself. I didn't take any pictures of you. And, why would I?
Her: Well that's just rude. I've seen you taking photos here many times before.
Me: I'm a photographer, I'm testing out a lens I just bought. And again, I didn't take any photos of you.
Her: Well, I saw you aiming your camera in our direction (she was speaking to some people on the street).
Me: You're so confrontational.
Her: Yes I am, I just don't like having my picture taken.
Me: Lady, I was aiming at buildings, the street and other things. I assure you, I didn't take your picture nor have any desire to. And, neither does anyone else.
Her: Well, that's your opinion.
Me: No, I'm pretty sure anyone would agree with me on that one.
Her: (walking away yelling over her shoulder) Don't take my photo...
Me: (yelling back) Don't flatter yourself!
Her: (yelling from a distance) Fuck you...
Me: (yelling louder) No, fuck you, you crazy bitch!

I gotta get the hell out of Inwood before I go postal.

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