June 1, 2012

Times Square

Walking through Times Square tonight I was accosted by the Naked Cowgirl. After chatting for a few minutes she turned on me like a pitbull telling me it had been a waste of time talking to me because I was cheap and not paying her. So, I pulled out $2 and she instantly because sweet as a kitten. I first saw her many years ago on a local cable channel telling the filthiest jokes I've ever heard in the nude.

There was chemistry there...we exchanged information. The future Mrs. Sullivan? I can only hope.

This is not the "real" Naked Cowboy. I haven't seen the original in quite some time. This guy seems very personable but sort of squishy and soft to be walking around in tight little underpants. I sat there for 10 minutes and this guy made a killing at two bucks a hug.

There must be 15 different characters walking around Times Square. Muppets, the Tin Man, a few Hello Kittys, more than a few Mickey and Minnie Mouses and 3 or 4 Statues of Liberty. This guy charged $5 for a portrait (you supply the camera/iPad). He raked in about $50 in 10 minutes. I find this to be the ultimate scam as well as incredibly lucrative. I need to find some old mascot suit at a yard sale.

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