August 5, 2012

A Day in the Life

It's been a bit muggy lately here in New York City. Actually, it's been hot as hell and extremely humid. My lovely friend Katherine (above) and I decided to spend a day in "the great indoors" and see some art in Chelsea. Many of the galleries were closed due to summer hours, where all the snobby rich gallery owners and art buyers go to the Hamptons. Which really makes no sense, considering they usually pay some cute girl $7 an hour to be a receptionist anyway. They could still be in the Hamptons and keep the gallery open. But, many spaces were still open and we made the best of it.

Sadly, I found the hallways, windows and pipes far more interesting than any of the art we saw hanging on the walls. I snapped some photos: A mini homage to Eggleston... vignettes of ordinary  nothingness....

One art lover was apparently captivated by this little piece. She stood for 10 minutes studying it, mesmerized.

After art, we grabbed a bus down to my favorite spot in the world, The Hummus Place. We shared some mushroom hummus and while I had a chopped health salad of tomatoes and cucumbers, Katherine enjoyed some disgusting grape leaves. So friggin' yummy. After that, we stopped by Rocco's for an Italian ice (mango and cherry) and sat in Father Demo Square on Carmine and Bleecker streets. Within an hour, a bird pooped on my foot AND my head AND Katherine's bag.  Taking the hint, we walked over to Washington Square Park to take in a bit of the freak show that's always happening there.

When I got home I walked into the bathroom to wash my hands and feet, as I always do (Tevas).  I glanced down to see the most gargantuan cockroach I've seen in ages on the side of the bathtub. I slowly reached down, grasping for something to smash it with. I grabbed a bottle of lotion and swung--a savage battle ensued. The giant roach shot out across the floor, avoiding the first strike and ran along the tiled wall. I swung again, grazing it, knocking him (or her) into the tub. I was flailing frantically but given the odd shape of the bottle (like a huge tube of toothpaste), my impact point was hard to determine. The shower curtain was being batted around like it was in a violent storm. Finally, as I thrashed, I heard a loud "CRUNCH"--glancing down, the roach kicked for a few moments and then stopped. I grabbed my camera--I had to capture the wily beast on film (digital, whatever)....

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