August 10, 2012

Great Shoot, Great Night

Yesterday I did a shoot with 20/20. I love shooting eyewear and I couldn't ask for a nicer group of people to work with. Our location was an enormous, beautiful open loft on 24th Street.

Huge lovely bathroom. Shower head in the ceiling, drain in floor.

Breakfast: Egg wraps with salsa, hash browns, bagels and other various pastries, fresh fruit, yogurt and fresh squeezed orange juice. Perfect.  

Getting Svetlana ready.

Love that beautiful natural light.

You couldn't ask for two easier models to work with.

Possible cover shot.

Taylor doing  his best Chris Martin.

The "artiste": 10:00am, second Bourbon & Coke.

I love a good catered lunch. Salmon, mushroom ravioli, chicken cutlets with a yummy secret sauce, vegetable medley, homemade cookies. What's not to love?

The best of crews.

Finishing early, as we usually do, I pulled out my little point-and-shoot (trusty Lumix) and popped off some quick black and white shots of the model. I love the spontaneity of snapping away with a tiny little camera. Svetlana was perfect.

After the shoot I quickly dropped off my gear at my storage unit on 17th Street. My friend Iris and I rushed down to Platform Gallery at Orchard and Hester (LES) for the opening of my good friend Anne-Marie Belli's beautiful, delicate watercolors. Cool people, art and a few glasses of wine make for a fun night. Not yet completely exhausted, Iris and I headed to some hole-in-the-wall Mexican place for MORE drinks with guacamole and chips. Finally, I staggered onto the subway and fell asleep--as far as I'm concerned, no better way to spend a day.

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