August 20, 2012

Art & Coney

The gallery show was a hoot. Many people came and all seemed to have a good time. Afterwards, dinner, drinks and great conversation. Placement of my art, above, is result of being two hours late for hanging time.. Next show, hopefully, I'll be on time.

Took a ride out to Coney Island yesterday with my good friend Eileen. Sort of an overcast, cool day, which was nice for a change. I sat on the pier for 20 minutes watching these two people. Both walked out into the surf and stood motionless staring down into the water as if pondering life or something darker, like, to keep walking.

Achmed was obviously confused when his friends asked him to come to Coney Island and bring a suit....

Sometimes one hat just isn't enough.

Nothing cuter than a pitbull wearing sunglasses. Until you reach down to pet him and he rips off part of your hand....

What better way to finish off a day at the beach than hearing a rendition of "Reunited" by this colorful couple? Boardwalk karaoke. Now that's entertainment.