August 16, 2012

The Street

Not long ago there was a huge fire that destroyed most of the buildings on the corner of 207th St. and Broadway. A bank, a florist, a dentist office. Now there's an empty lot. It improved the view of these apartments. Why do I love hanging laundry?

There are lots of grilled chicken places in Inwood. They all have large windows that look in on the grille. I guess this is to entice passersby to come in. These windows are always splattered with grease.

While riding the bus I noticed this tiny metal plate way below the window, reminding anyone with eyes around nipple level not to put their arm out the window.

This odd little character can usually be seen flitting around town on a children's bike (usually pink), in various feminine getups. When he's not pedaling about, he's in Times Square in a children's size bikini dancing around, hoping to score a few bucks posing for a photo.

New Yorkers are infamous for scribbling their opinions on any advertisement within minutes of being installed. This one, at the corner of 200th and Broadway, had a nice healthy reminder that drinking McDonald's iced tea will more than likely kill you.

Walking along 44th Street the other night I spotted this contraption in a trash heap. A strainer taped to a long pole taped to a second pole for further extension. I pondered this gadget for a moment without coming to a conclusion as to what it would or could have been used for.

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