August 17, 2012

Today's City Sights

Today while walking past the book sellers on 6th Ave., I glanced down to see a book that I SHOT the cover of sitting on one of the tables. I told the vendor I took the photo. Unimpressed, he smiled and said, "Give me 20 bucks for it." I smiled back and said, "I already have a few copies."

I have an odd little piece in a show called "The New Portrait" at Platform (LES) gallery, opening tonight. Originally they asked for "an outrageous portrait." Not knowing exactly what that meant, I submitted images of a rooster that I had killed in a local slaughterhouse and immediately photographed his head and feet. I mounted the photographs on a piece of oak, added some black tacks and covered the whole thing with a wax-like substance. I named it "Priere de Poulet," or "Chicken Prayer." I snapped these while the show was being hung. Stop by for a glass of wine, 6:00-8:00pm,  81 Hester Street, LES.

Other portraits.

Walking through Washington Square Park today... beautiful day... people wade and swim in that filthy water... I find that disturbing.

Barbies for sale on the street. Imagine, "Here Emma, I got you a used Barbie with a broken arm, no clothes and matted hair."

Interesting pencil drawing I found that someone sketched on a wood construction wall. Such random talent. I don't know what it is but it's sort of cool (one nostril dog snout?).

Tom Waits quote I heard: "You don't have to be busy in New York, because New York is busy. Just lay back and it will take you...." So true... if you let it.

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  1. Wow! seeing you cover again must make you feel connected, like "you made it"

    Congratulations on having your "art" in a show.

    I see the rainbow in the dirty water.