November 8, 2009

City Snaps (no, it aint art)

In Soho today I saw this dog in a basket. Owner nowhere in sight. I think the woman to the left was crazy. Skull attached to the roof of a Cushman. Like the cops drive. Who drives a Cushman? Is it a car? A scooter?
Today a waitress at Lupe's dropped some salad on my foot. The tomato left a wet spot as it bounced off. She glanced down and then smiled, she didn't care. She was puzzled that I took a snap of the lettuce on my foot. It's not about the photo, it's about her attitude.
34th street last night
Woman on subway with her dog in one of those kid carriers. Pet love taken to the next level.
Sunset from 9th floor of 100 Ave of Americas

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