November 10, 2009


Today I woke up late after editing 1000 images until 4:30am. I was running around like a head with my chicken cut off. I showered, dressed quickly and ran out the door. As I was slowly clunking along on the A train headed south I suddenly realized I'd forgotten my phone. I felt a rush of panic. I didn't even have any of the numbers I needed to correspond with anyone so I couldn't even use a pay phone. I sat there wondering if I should get off at the next stop (168th) and go back for my phone. I was all stiff and tense. I stopped myself, rationalized my dilemma and tried to remain calm. After all, I had just been on a farm in Bumfuck, Pennsylvania for 5 days with no phone service and nothing bad had happened. I hadn't missed any calls from New Yorker, Vogue or Bazaar.
For the past 6 million years no one even had a cell phone. Is it REALLY that important to have mine with me 24/7? The stress made my shoulders tighten like a crazy monkey fist. I finally stopped, took some deep breaths, relaxed and felt the tension subside. I became peaceful. I mentally threw my hands into the air.
It's amazing to me how everyone has become completely dependent on technology. You forget your phone or Blackberry and you basically become disabled and completely out of touch. I even thought for a second.."How did people ever meet each other prior to cell phones?"
I went to a meet a client stopping in unannounced but found myself apologizing for not calling and explaining my horrible communication situation. Forgetting my phone became a topic of conversation. People looked at me with concern in their eyes... "Oh no, I'm so sorry, I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have my phone" was a typical response. I walked from Canal Street to midtown zigzagging from avenue to avenue doing errands. Total Incommunicado. Perhaps everyone should put down their cell phones for at least one day a week, maybe on Sundays, and remember what it's like NOT to be always available to anyone. For at least a single day. It's actually pretty nice.

It's Mario's birthday... It doesn't seem like a year and a half since he passed away. I miss him horribly.

What's with the Christmas decorations? I was in Time Warner Center yesterday. Giant snowflakes already hanging from the ceiling. When I was a kid the stores (pre-mall days) started decorating for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. Now it's the day after Halloween. In 20 years it'll be the day after Labor day. In 2050 they'll start decorating for Christmas the day after Christmas. So stupid. So, with that said... Buy Buy Buy America. Keep buying shit no one wants or really needs. Keep those credit cards maxed out. Shop shop shop... Get all that Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving. Beat the crowds. Now, here's the sad part, I can say this with about 85% certainty... Almost everything you buy someone this Christmas will end up either buried in the closet, in a drawer, in a box, regifted or (most likely) at the Salvation Army within a year. Especially clothing! Because, anyone over 20 would have already bought it for themselves if they really wanted it. I have the problem solved. As usual, I'm not buying anything for anybody. If you believe in Christmas and you believe the bible, it's not your's Jesus'. In fact, according to historians he was born in May. The whole Santa, reindeer, commercialism is a load of crap. Everybody feels obligated to go buy their loved ones some shitty gift that nobody wants. Save your money. Have a nice meal together, do a group hug and be done with it. Christmas as we know it is bullshit.

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