November 15, 2009

Hole in my sole

It's been rainy and miserable for the past few days. I was walking around yesterday and my left shoe got so wet the leather turned dark. I could feel my sock squishing around down there. I finally stopped to take a look at the bottom of my boot, and sure enough, there was a little hole in the sole. Suddenly I felt like a homeless person walking around in the rain with old holey shoes. Later I took off my shoes and socks and put them on a friend's radiator for a few hours. When I was ready to leave I put on my left sock, then slipped on one of those black, skinny black plastic bags they put wine bottles in at the liquor store and slid my foot into the shoe. Comfy! Then, I was back out into the rain for my trip home.

On the 45-minute subway ride I thought about my shoes and wondered if it might be time to try a different style. Something with laces? A cowboy-ish boot? A wellington? Something pointy? I love these boots and I've been wearing the same style for about 10 years, replacing them about every 2 years. I walk a lot. These babies take a pounding and I wear them exclusively every single day. One exception is summer.. where I tend to wear my Teva sandals. My friends jokingly call them my Jesus shoes or my old man shoes. I think they're more "hippie-like" than something an old man might wear. I am a creature of habit. I don't like change. I've never been very adventurous or creative with my attire. I've had on basically the same daily uniform for the past 30+ years. Basic navy blue t-shirt, pair of jeans, black socks, boxer briefs, Blinde sunglasses and the ever-present hat. Makes my clothing options pretty simple each morning, not to mention laundry. Like my Dad, I do have a fondness for jackets. Perhaps there's a "jacket gene"? Oddly, I don't really have a preference for winter coats, just jackets. Lately I've been alternating between two vintage Woolrich jackets. A red and a green plaid. I walk around looking like a tourist from Vermont. The only giveaways that I'm a New Yorker are the boots and the "man-bag". I do love these boots. I'll buy another pair tomorrow.

Coolest, most comfortable boots ever made
Puddle with window reflection.

Writer's opus on bus stop schedule with Sharpie. click on image and read.
Sewer lid detail in the rain, 1:00am. Almost hit by a car taking it.

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