February 3, 2011

Bad Snowmen

Walking around the city these past few days through the slush in my soggy shoes (still no boots) I'm rarely shocked by the weirdness that lurks around every corner. After all this snow we've had you might think that it'd be easy to find a traditional snowman somewhere in the city. I find it amazing that certain individuals even bother to get their hands cold making these poor excuses for snowmen. They have cigarettes for eyes, they have no shape, they're jammed in corners and have no resemblance to a traditional snowman whatsoever. So why even bother? Do these people walk away with some good feeling from their efforts? Do they take pride in their work? "Gee, that was some great snowman I just made out of 2 chunks of ice, a coffee cup and a few cigarette butts".
Maybe it's me not thinking outside the box. In a city full of artistic people, perhaps these are the "artistic interpretations" of the deep thinkers and true creators going beyond what they see as the traditional "man of snow". Frosty would throw himself on a roaring fire.

On the steps of a church where you can usually find a few homeless people sleeping.

I have no idea what this represents.

Cigarettes, blob...classic. Why even bother to get your hands cold for this?

Central Park... The closest thing I've seen to a traditional snowman. Ever. What's that little head?

Huddled in a corner, a "snow-drift man".

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