February 21, 2011


Last week a book called Wear This, Toss That was released authored by Amy E. Goodman. I shot 98% of the inside shots over 3 exhausting days in the studio. It was an extremely busy yet well produced shoot and the outcome was great.
Anyway, Amy was supposed to be on the Today Show Monday morning somewhere between 9:00am and 10:00am. I woke up to watch and as I waited I was amazed at how many commercials were between each segment. I don't watch morning TV shows. At the end of each segment they announce what will be next. Then, you're attacked by a barrage of commercials. I was so amazed that I grabbed a pen and wrote down each commercial and the time it lasted. Keep in mind this is only over a 30-minute span of time.

Here's my list:

Segment followed by

Lunesta - 1 minute
Sears - 15 sec
Dove soap - 15 sec
Neutrogena - 15 sec
Clorox - 15 sec
Dannon - 10 sec
Weight Watchers - 15 sec
Roots (enhanced ebook) - 15 sec

Then, a 3-minute segment followed by:

Discover Card - 30 sec
Activia - 15 sec
Aveeno - 15 sec
Clorox - 15 sec
Reese's - 10 sec
Sears - 10 sec
Bisquick - 15 sec
Pizza Hut - 10 sec
Maybelline - 30 sec

Today Show teaser - 15 sec
New York Times - 30 sec
Empire carpet - 15 sec

1 minute weather update followed by:

Nate Berkus show preview - 15 sec
Bob's furniture - 15 sec
Delsym cough med - 15 sec
SBI "healthcare career" - 1 min
Bob's furniture - 15 sec

A 4 minute food segment followed by:

Access Hollywood Live teaser - 15 seconds
Movie promo - 30 sec
Optimum online - 30 sec
Thread NY (NBC fashion blog) - 10 sec

Now, am I crazy here or is this total BULLSHIT? I think we stare at the TV without even realizing the amount of consumer propaganda that is pounded into our brains each day.
Later, as you walk down the aisle of your local store you think to yourself... Must buy Activia (and shit pants), must buy Clorox, must buy Delsym in case I cough, must go to Sears, must eat lunch at Pizza Hut....

Holy shit, if this isn't brain washing I don't know what is.
Consumerism, consumerism...
Just keep that huge corporate machine going.

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