February 14, 2011

Things to Baffle the Mind

Once in a great while I run across something that truly baffles me. Today I found an open package of Thomas' English Muffins tucked out of sight with a few muffins left inside. I bought this package no less than three weeks ago. They were still as moist as the day I bought them and mold free. How is that possible? A week ago I bought a loaf of multigrain bread from a local bakery and it was turning green 3 days later, no exaggeration. I had eaten only a few pieces before I had to toss it in the trash. Economically speaking I guess Thomas' are the way to go. From a healthy eating standpoint, you might be better off eating a head of lettuce grown at ground zero in Chernobyl. Reminds me of an old Jefferson Airplane song called "Eat Starch Mom" that has a line in it that says, "Preservatives might just be preserving you". We can only hope. I read that putting bread in the fridge isn't so great--it's like a sponge and picks up all the smells and tastes from the other food. Maybe freezing works better. Bread, such a dilemma.

This is another thing that fascinates me. Watch the entire video. It's truly amazing how these birds resemble schooling fish. The blue sky, the blue ocean. Darting and turning on a dime with such incredible precision. Amazing that evolution tells us that birds came from fish and they obviously still carry the DNA for "schooling" deep in the recesses of their little bird brains.

And, it gets better from the middle on. It's cropped here, but you can go to YouTube to get full view.

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