February 2, 2011

Okay... Enough...

Poet's Walk, last snow storm. This shot has only been taken about 4 million times. Actually, that might be a low estimate....

Central Park looking east.

Where's the boots?

It's 2:00am and I can hear the ice pelting against my window. They've already closed schools locally and we're expecting freezing rain causing extreme road hazards and possibly falling branches and trees. Hearing that, I'm tempted to grab a camera and head out to Central Park first thing in the morning hoping to catch some images of ice on the branches. I love it when it looks like everything is covered with glass after a storm of freezing rain.

During our first snowstorm months ago I was trying to decide whether to buy new snow boots. Somewhere in my storage unit, buried in one of the 60 or so boxes, there's a pair of perfectly good boots. I know they're there. So, I didn't buy new boots months ago, figuring I'd eventually find the ones I have at some point. Then, as the snow began to fall on the second big storm I went out on a massive "boot quest." Unfortunately 15,000 other dopes had the same idea. After going to 12 different stores I found that they were either out of my size (9) or they had jacked up the prices way above what they were a week before, preying on people's desperation (those boot selling bastards). Boots were selling like hotcakes. I stomped around through the slush in my soggy shoes for days, putting them on the radiator each night to dry (that's really bad).

For this last snow storm a week ago, which dropped 19 inches in Central Park, I decided the night before that the sky had to finally be out of moisture and opted not to buy boots again. Because of this I have completely ragged out my current "everyday" boots. They're shot, stained with salt and having been soaked and dried 50 times--they don't look so great. My feet look like they belong to a homeless person.

On the train the other day I was sitting next to a guy with boots that reminded me of ones I wore as a kid. Durable looking hunting boots. I asked him who made his boots. He replied "Thorogood." I came home, researched them and bought a pair online a week ago Monday. Opting for free shipping, I'm positive they must have strapped them to a turtle... so far, no boots. I just can't win.

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