February 4, 2011

Boots and other oddities

The boots arrived. Not snow boots but "everyday" boots. I opened the box and after putting them on I figure it will take me about 3 months to break them in. The stiffest (most stiff?) boots I've ever had on my feet, ever. These babies are well made and will hopefully last for many many years, but they may kill my feet in the meantime. I wore them for 45 minutes and felt like a victim of Chinese foot binding.
Well, this is the new look and the new boot. Has that "chopping wood in Vermont" vibe.
Like anyone cares. And yes, I have to take off the tags.

The old boots. Out with the old, in with the new. I've worn out many pairs of these boots over the past 10+ years. They were soft and comfortable, though not very durable. I liked those boots very much.

I've done this so many times. This guy was sitting across from me and passed out. Face down while reading. I would bet he planned on getting off before the end of the line at 207th street and I gave serious consideration to waking him up. But as the train pulled away at 200th (my stop) he didn't flinch. He'd find out soon enough.
Not long ago I fell asleep on the D train and ended way up by Yankee stadium... took me an hour to get back. The train has a way of lulling one to sleep.

Walking down Crosby street I saw this head sticking out of a heap of trash and snow. A curious sight.

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