March 22, 2011

Lucky to Be Me

and happier than I look...

Today was my birthday. Being a cold rainy day I decided to go see a movie. I called my friend Ron, who like myself (semi-retired/unemployed), has the good fortune to be able to see a film in the middle of the day. At the Film Forum they are showing a documentary on the eccentric, bike riding photographer Bill Cunningham, who roams around the city on his vintage Schwinn (#29, the last 28 having been stolen) taking photos of the most fashionable characters of New York City and Paris. I found the movie to be fascinating, funny, inspiring and oddly heartbreaking at times. We both enjoyed the film very much and decided to grab a late lunch at my favorite Cuban place on Thompson street. The food was and is always amazing. A great way to spend a cold rainy birthday.

I'm extremely fortunate and appreciative to have received calls, cards and emails throughout the day from so many friends and family members wishing me a happy birthday (not to mention some very generous gifts and delicious baked goods).

Thanks Mom & Dad, sister & brother, Mike Breen, Rebecca, Bruce Galbraith, Michael Gambardella, Mike Ault (who sang happy birthday), Aly, Nancy Lynch, Ron, Jennifer, Nancy Stam, Randy, Nemo (who also sang), Ingrid, Tatiana, Haley, Todd, Rita, Ella, Richard and a few others I may have forgotten. It truly meant so much to me to hear from everyone.

Here's the kicker.... I'm embarrassed to say that I can't remember anyone's birthday (and I'm not a card sender) so even though it makes me very happy to get all these birthday wishes I feel extremely guilty that I rarely reciprocate.

I really need to try harder.

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday and Happy Spring.