March 11, 2011


Today I went to the movies with my friend Ron. It was a crappy rainy day, neither of us was working and it was also the last day the movie "Public Speaking" was showing, which I really wanted to see. It's a documentary by Martin Scorsese about the writer Fran Lebowitz. A gruff talking, Jewish, lesbian (presumed) who always wears men's style suits and tells it like it is. She's a hoot. Basically, most of the movie is her sitting in a booth at the Waverly Inn talking about everything that annoys her. And she's very annoyed and she doesn't mince words. For example: Kids that are over 3 years old and still riding in strollers drives her crazy. People who stroll and she can't walk past them on the sidewalk. She laughs at the fact that gay people have made great efforts to be allowed to marry and to be admitted into the military. She finds this comparable to striving hard to be a slave. Both activities being miserable things to desire and actually work at achieving. She goes on and on about her disdain of tourists and how Times Square has become a stupid sterile attraction built just for them. How boring NYC is now compared to the way it was back in the 70s and how all the cool people with good taste died during the AIDS crisis. She also admits to being extremely lazy, unmotivated and sloth-like... sadly, to that, I can relate.
It found it very entertaining. And, being a 1:30pm show, attendance was sparse. I love that.

After the movie we parted ways after a brief Starbucks fix and I jumped on the uptown train to meet my friend Haley for hummus on the Upper West Side. During the wait on the platform I snapped all sorts of characters.

Happy kids on #1 uptown train

Purple velvet/velour 3/4 coat, camo slacks and nerdy round glasses. You can only pull that off in NYC.

Lady next to me dozing off with a scary zombie face.

Asian woman eating pizza but dipping into some sort of sauce. Sometimes when people eat on the train it stinks up the whole subway car.

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