March 31, 2011

Looking up, looking down

Walking through Central Park with a friend the other night, we came upon a group of people sitting on the rocks high above Wollman ice skating rink. It was like a little party up there enjoying the view.

After having lunch with Ron last week we stopped in front of Chelsea Market. Ron looked up and pointed out how the rain had collected on the glass awning hanging over us. Must give credit where credit's due.

Yesterday afternoon while walking through the West Village I noticed all these air conditioners protruding from this building. I couldn't help but wonder if one had ever broken loose, dropping to the ground squishing some poor unsuspecting person on the sidewalk. Which got me wondering about the other hundreds of thousands of a/c units sticking out of similar buildings. I'm sure most of them having much less stringent rules on mounting than this place. Makes me a bit wary (or paranoid) of walking down the sidewalk.

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