February 19, 2012

The Joke's on Us. Art!

When walking around the Chelsea art galleries, it's a rare occasion that you find something that really makes you stop and appreciate the artist's work. More often than not, you find some huge canvas covered with cheap acrylic paint that appears to have been applied by an autistic third grader.

Moma recently had the huge show "De Kooning: A Retrospective," which drew thousands of people. Personally, I thought it was a HUGE waste of space. His later works were simplistic amoeba shapes in various colors painted on white gesso that any child would have no problem duplicating. Proving to me at least that the art world is the biggest crock of shit in the world. Oh wait, the music industry is the biggest crock of shit (did anyone see the Sleigh Bells on SNL tonight? Worst band EVER!)

Speaking of absurdity, Gursky's photograph of the interior of a .99 cent store brought $3.89 million at auction and his most recent "work" of a stream brought over $4 million.

But, then you go into a little gallery and find this little gem. The artist made people and dogs out of wood, wire, old newspapers and paper mache (papier-mache). This was a cool exhibition. Beats de Kooning hands down.

I can't find the little flier; I'll put the artist's name up soon.

Walking down one of the gallery streets I noticed this little deer head sticking out of a bag. I couldn't tell if it was art or an old Christmas decoration. I probably left some valuable lost art treasure on the street....

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