February 10, 2012

Me & JLo

Today I was shooting still life photos of beauty products at the Condé Nast/Fairchild studio on 46th St. and Third Ave. I poked my head into the scanning/retouching department to say hello to my friend Alex (top notch retoucher), who was finishing up an image of Jennifer Lopez on his screen. I smiled and said, "Hey, I shot that." He thought I was joking, then realizing I was serious he said, "Wow, what a coincidence." While admiring each other's skills, we caught up on the latest gossip and publishing news.

Technical note: The dark empty space to the left was added later to make room for headline and type.

Later Alex walked into the studio and handed me a pre-press test print. It was a very nice gesture but what do I do with a 16 x 19 print of JLo? Sign it and sell it on Ebay for $12.

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