February 20, 2012

Things I find odd

Walking along Central Park I noticed this worried looking kid having his portrait drawn. His family was standing to his right smiling and babbling something in Turkish or some other middle eastern dialect. Whatever they were saying it wasn't working, this kid was not happy.

At the movies the other day, next to the food area, I noticed a scale to check your weight. Put in a quarter and it'll tell you how fat you are. Perhaps that's a good thing to have at the theater just before you buy that $7.00 popcorn smothered in oily butter and that 57 ounce Coke for $6.00. Don't most people have scales in their homes these days? And even if they don't, would you weigh yourself at a movie?

Dominican people must like to buy their skin tight pants and skirts from vendors who display them on the street. These are very common in my hood.

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