October 7, 2012

End of Season

Even though the weather forecast was grim, my friend Eileen and I ventured out to Coney Island for probably the last time this season. Expecting rain, I brought my umbrella and poncho. We were heavily armed with two medium format FILM cameras, three 35mm film cameras and one digital camera (for this blog post). When we arrived the wind was gusting and the skies were threatening.  Eventually the clouds cleared and the temperature dropped drastically.  I should have packed a hoodie.

Standing out on the pier, I watched this sailboat fighting the wind to stay afloat. At times it seemed completely sideways and ready to capsize. The white sails were beautiful against the dark skies. I wondered if the captain of this boat found these conditions invigorating and thrilling or terrifying.

A giant pink pig kite suddenly appeared and curious onlookers quickly gathered around beneath it. Like moths to a flame.

Later in the afternoon the pig kite was neatly packed away and the same "kite pilot" launched Pegasus. This time no one gathered. It flew barely noticed.

I counted at least six empty Budweiser cans and one Coors can in that bag. Comfortably numb. 

Jet stream

The End

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