October 3, 2012

Local Oddities

Recent gallery installation called "Concordia." A HUGE undertaking (50+ feet). The artist basically recreated a room from the now-famous cruise ship Costa Concordia, listing off the coast of Italy. Chairs, life preservers, dishes and furniture all piled up in a giant heap. Complete with ornate painted ceiling. I thought it was stupid, sidekick Iris thought it was brilliant. Hey, whatever floats your boat.... (Ha, I kill me.)

One of the most honest things I've seen in Chelsea gallery district--90% of what I see should be in a trash heap. I'm surprised some greedy gallery owner hasn't pulled this mess from the garbage and hung it on a gallery wall asking $5K. And, if he did, some dope would probably buy it.

Homeless guy on roller blades napping in the Meat Packing District. An efficient way to collect bottles and cans.

The view from Fort Tryon Park. High above my little hamlet of Inwood.

View looking north towards the Bronx. A lovely stretch of real estate. Would make a wonderful nuclear testing zone.

Here's an odd sight to stumble upon, even in NYC. A door smeared with bloody hand prints.

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