October 1, 2012

Medieval Nerd-fest

Today I went to the Medieval Festival at Fort Tryon Park, not far my apartment. I've been curious about these things but have never attended one. I have no problem with people doing whatever floats their boats but I can't help but wonder about people who are involved with "fantasy lives," dressing up in costumes and "pretending" to live in another era. Civil War reenactors, Star Trek geeks and medieval enthusiasts all seem similar. They walk around chewing on huge turkey legs, speaking in English accents, dancing to period music (played on iPods however), jousting on horseback and competing in brutal battles wearing steel armor, using period correct weaponry. Who in their right mind does that? Some go the full-blown route, with period correct facial hair, shoes, jewelry and undergarments. Like Halloween, however, most do a half-assed job, with a helmet, hat, blouse, sword and Adidas pants and tennis shoes. But, frighteningly, some of these people obviously aren't comfortable living in the 21st century and probably (secretly) live this life more than just on the weekends. Grown men and women dressed up like Robin Hood, monks, kings, queens, Vikings and peasants... crazy.

Evidently the whole medieval thing is HUGE in Europe, where as many as 3600 participants gather annually just to reenact the Battle of Hastings. 

This was one very bizarre event. Medieval nerds...who knew?

Queen of all nerds.

Three nerds dressed as monks.. When I told them I was "press," they had a brief discussion as to whether or not to wear their glasses while being photographed, to be more authentic. Detail-oriented nerds.

Two "warrior" nerds beating the shit out of each other with clubs. The winner to be crowned champion nerd. The nerd in the blue got poked in the neck and gave up. The green nerd, "Antonius," won.

An African-American nerd. Did they even have medieval people who were of African decent? Would they have been considered African-Roman?

Umm...the guitar wasn't even invented until around the 1600s and then only a variation of a tanbur, setar or sitar. Not anything like a modern guitar. The whole medieval timeline is about from 400-1500AD. This nerd should be playing a lute for authenticity's sake. (And, I'm obviously a nerd for looking it up.)

Crazy drunk Viking nerd.

Just a nerd.

A beautiful sunset as the day came to an end. 

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