October 12, 2012


Interesting reflection on Pace Gallery, which happens to be showing the work of Richard Tuttle. I found this show to be absolutely horrendous and the biggest joke of the season. Pure nonsense. Please go see it and if you disagree, please attempt to enlighten me.

Everywhere I look, everyone is on their phone. Either walking and bumping into others or pausing  while tweeting, texting, Facebooking, emailing or surfing the web. That's why I still have a "dumb" flip phone. Though tempted for work purposes and GPS, I don't want to become "one of them."

Two happy birds. One with his head in a hole he burrowed into a loaf of bread, the other standing by reaping the benefits of his labor (crumbs).

A very large and disturbing store display in Soho. Looked like real taxidermy to me.

You see the damnedest things in thrift stores. I don't even know what to make of this. A candle holder? A candy dish?

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