October 16, 2009

Bills bills bills. Stop the bleeding!

The Photos:
Recent editorial shoot. Excuse the poor reproduction quality.

The Rant:

I finished my taxes yesterday and thankfully 2008 sucked so bad I didn't have to pay as much in taxes as I had expected. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. I did have a few disturbing revelations while looking over various bills searching for deductions. AT&T RAPED me for $1440 last year on my cell phone. Most of that was because I ran over my minutes and they charged me 45 cents for each additional minute. 45 cents? Doesn't take long to rack up a huge bill. They especially raked me over the coals when I was on my trips to WV and Vancouver and I called NYC. I was hit with exorbitant roaming charges. Such a ripoff. Then I looked over my health insurance bills. I paid out $320+ a month and never made a single claim. A month ago I went to the dermatologist. He did a basic exam and squirted some liquid nitrogen on two small sun damage spots on my cheek. I was in the waiting room longer than with the doctor. I paid my $50 co-pay and later got a bill from them for an additional $71. A routine checkup with insurance and I still got boned for $121. Great healthcare system we have.
Speaking of healthcare, this country has to do something fast, right or wrong. We have the best doctors and hospitals in the world but sadly the worst system. A close friend of mine said the other day that he didn't believe in a national health care plan because he didn't want to pay for everyone who doesn't pay for insurance. I sort of agree with that BUT, personally I don't want to pay for everyone who has kids. I chose not to have kids and don't want to pay for anyone else's. Parents run to the doctor every time little Noah or Emma sneezes. Not to mention the countless unneeded vaccines and examinations. The kid's temperature goes up 2 degrees and they're off to the doctor. I don't want to pay for that. I'd RATHER pay for some poor old man who lost his job rather than some stupid kid getting an unneeded antibiotic for a sore throat. I've made ONE claim in 10 years...I should be rewarded for that record by paying less. And parents of sneezing kids should pay MUCH more. The more kids you have and the more claims you make, the more you have to pay. Sliding scale. That'll put an end to all those stupid frivolous visits. Such bullshit.

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