October 5, 2009

Scared sheep. READ THIS.

Interesting information regarding the swine flu virus (H1N1). I'm always skeptical about vaccines and think we're a nation that's over medicated and over vaccinated. Here are some interesting statistics.

H1N1 has caused 816 deaths in 160 countries.

Odds of dying from:
falling 1 in 250
choking 1 in 5000
car accident 1 in 5000
murder 1 in 20,000
lightning 1 in 71,000
dog attack 1 in 137,000
flood 1 in 713,000
bathtub accident 1 in 807,000
falling from bed 1 in 2 million
terrorist attack 1 in 6 million

Odds of dying of the H1N1 virus: 1 in 8 million

Other flu strains kill an average of 37,000 Americans a year.

The last "flu scare" was the Bird flu which only killed 262 (was supposed to wipe us all out).

1.6 million died from TB in 2005

25 million have died from Aids

Here's the kicker:
Gilead Sciences Inc. will make $2 billion from flu vaccinations.
Bush authorized $1.7 billion for Bird flu vaccines, 14% went to Gilead Sciences.
Gilead's stocks have gone up 700% since 2005.
Gilead's net income in 2nd quarter of 2009= $571 million.
Chairman of Gilead sciences from 1997-2001: Donald Rumsfeld.

And no one seems to find any of this odd?

Note: Obviously I don't think ALL vaccines are bad. Some are wonderful and have saved countless lives. But, some are bullshit...like this one.

Keep getting stupid vaccines.
Keep getting your kids vaccinated for things they'll NEVER get.
Keep doing what the doctors tell you.
Don't ask questions.
Don't do research.

Just like sheep... Baaa.

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