October 27, 2009

Fall has fell

Just back from Nemo's farm in Pa. Had a lovely time hanging out with his wife and 14 month old twin boys. Though, I have to admit, I never could have imagined the time involved with caring for twins. At that age you literally have to watch every single move they make. It's exhausting to the outside observer much less the one doing the watching. While they were busy I spent my time taking long walks either with their golden retriever Doolin or alone wearing "wellies" and squishing around in the soggy fields and bottom land. Once stopping to watch (and shoot) dew hanging on spider webs for 2 hours. One afternoon was spent shooting my expensive pellet gun and reading a few chapters of a book sitting on a very large fallen tree trunk. Another afternoon I walked the fence lines hammering exposed nails that had popped out of the weathered boards so their horses wouldn't gouge themselves. For a brief moment I felt like a ranch hand out there all alone. I even put together a child sized plastic shopping cart. A possible replacement for the upside down table and small metal trash can the twins are currently pushing around now. Nemo and Carol cooked great dinners every night and Sunday morning french toast. Every morning I grabbed both film and digital cameras and took a long walk snapping whatever caught my eye... The mist on the pond, the fall colors, the sky, various twigs and branches. I was in full "Eliot Porter" mode. Google him, it'll make sense. I shot mostly film which probably no one will ever see.
Yesterday my beloved Sony R1 crapped out. No power, no nothing...it's dead. I tried everything to no avail. These are a few of it's last images..... That little Sony was good to me. I'll have to go back to lugging around the heavy Canon until I can afford a new "snapshot" camera. Perhaps the cosmos will smile upon me with a brand new Lumix GF1 with a 20mm pancake lens. Now wouldn't that be nice?

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