October 4, 2009

The Met

On my constant quest for inspiration I went to the Met to see the Robert Frank show which opened recently. It was mostly the photos from his book The Americans. He only shot B&W which I love. I never really cared for Frank's work but wanted to see it since I've been on this kick of shooting street pictures. For most of 1996 I lived in a huge beautiful loft at 10 Bleecker Street. Robert Frank owned a small building directly across the street from me at 7 Bleecker. I used to sit on my stoop and secretly take photos of him sweeping his sidewalk. Once I was shooting a beautiful girl in the rain. I turned around to find Frank looking over my shoulder as I shot. His show inspired me to keep shooting my black and white street photos.
I suggest you see his show but afterwards go up to the roof and take a look around. I've lived in NYC for 15 years and had never gone to the roof of the Met until this past week. It's truly amazing up there. Incredible views. There's an installation of huge silver metal trees by Roxy Paine up there right now. Worth the climb.

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