October 1, 2009

Morning thoughts

I see the guy buzzing around in my neighborhood often. I think it's brilliant. Who would steal this piece of crap? Who would break into it? The interior is pretty much ripped out and it's taped together. It seems to run pretty well and hardly smokes. The liability insurance is probably 50 times what the thing is worth, which is nothing. I once had a Civic like this... I liked that car.

While I'm on an art kick (rant), This morning in a small park near my apartment I saw this crappy attempt a making art. Some genius "arteest" took the top of a takeout container, scribbled "Peace" on it and taped it to a rock. That doesn't make me think of Peace when I look at it. More like "Litter". If I actually saw this person make this lame "rock art" I think I'd pick it up and hit him in the head with it... People are so stupid.

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