October 22, 2009


My friend LW called the other day and said she needed some new shots for her commercial portfolio. Today she came up to Stinkwood (Inwood) and brought a wedding dress and a business suit. My two LEAST favorite things to shoot on a woman. We took some pretty bridal looking snaps in front of my building in a nasty $20 dress her mother found at a thrift store. Then it was my turn, (we take turns, a shot for her, a shot for me). The thought of shooting wedding related photos gave me the dry heaves so I decided to take it to a darker place. I told her to lie on the ground like she had fallen down the steps. Much more interesting. I'm sure her agency will love these.



1 comment:

  1. Nice contrast between the pretty and scary...and might I add; very creative, I mean who else will you see running around town with these pictues in their book? Brilliant branding...I think you just opened up a potential new market for LW..funeral advertising! Sweet!