April 1, 2011

Time for a Change? Perhaps.

I look stressed. I think I need to go to a dermatologist and get a squirt of Botox between my eyes. Or, forget injecting rat poison in my face and change my life. Ever since Mario died I've had this permanent dent in my forehead. A divot, a crow foot, a crease, a gutter, a crevice (or crevasse), all synonyms for my furrowed brow. Whatever you might call it, I need to fill it in. Perhaps it's a combination of going to bed at 3:00am and eating too much sugar. I admit it, I do enjoy the "white devil." I love a cold Pepsi, though I only have maybe two a week. I do love ice cream. Always low fat, but still. Unfortunately I've watched a few of those late night infomercials by Dr. Perricone (the so-called skin expert) telling everyone that if you eat a single grain of sugar your face will soon morph into the likes of a Sharpei. Now I can't even enjoy a Pepsi without looking in the mirror afterwards to see if it made me look any older. That damn TV doctor, he ruined eating sweets for me.

To be honest, I'm fairly certain my furrowed brow is caused not so much by sugar as it is my flawed A.D.H.D mind constantly tormenting me.

The following things annoy me incessantly:

The massive consumerism in this country.
95% of what's on TV.
Our ridiculous celebrity worship.
The wars we've started and can't seem to resolve.
Our massive debt.
Our dependency on fossil fuels.
Our over consumption of virtually everything.
Our huge pollution problem.
Extermination of so many species.
Over population.
Plastic bags (actually, plastic in general).
Overall human laziness and apathy towards everything.

Talking to my Dad last night I mentioned that I'm almost (that's, almost) ready to cash in my chips here in New York City and move to a place out in the country in Maryland or Virginia. Live in a small trailer or cabin, use my TV only to watch movies on DVD, have a good stereo, only have a few guitars (sell the other 9 or so), join or start a band, get a dog from the pound, start a garden, go to bed at 11:00pm, buy a four-cylinder car, read more, write a book, get a good rocking chair, put a fire pit and some lawn chairs out back, invite friends over often and finally, travel and take as many road trips as possible.

The things I truly love to photograph seem to be all outside of New York. Rural county fairs, coal miners, preachers, people butchering pigs. I feel I've done a full circle. Perhaps it's time for a change.

Now the BIG dilemma... Just what do I do for a living?
With that said, I can feel my forehead tighten and begin to furrow...

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  1. Wonderful. I often have the same feeling. This love and hate relationship with New York. Specially in the winter. The hate is strong. But I'm certain that back home is worst. Plus boring. Thanks for the post.