June 30, 2012

Bad Art Night

My good friend Iris and I hit Chelsea Thursday night aiming to attend at least ten openings in a few hours. We were prepared, we had the list, we were determined. Both of us realize that art openings are a true crap shoot. Finding "good art" is like finding a needle in a haystack. Tonight we found no needle. Just a bunch of crap. I wrote "seriously?" til my hand cramped. From an art standpoint the night was total bust. You win some, you lose some. We had fun anyway... Lots of snickering, eye rolling and a few good chuckles. 

Wow...a piece of twisted metal nailed to the wall....Deep.

Three painted sheets tacked to the wall.... Deep.

Trained dog at show called "Dogma". Lying there on a rug, occasionally looking up at his owner/trainer for a treat for his artistic posing... The dog was the art. Total bullshit.

At least this "piece" was humorous. Cactus with erection.

Another piece of pottery that looks like it was made by a retarded 4 year old. Bullshit.

Vase, plastic branches, meat for leaves. Perhaps it was salmon? Prosciutto? Whatever it was, it was stupid.

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