June 7, 2012

Lucky Fashion Man

I've been shooting for Conde Nast for the past few days. I love nothing more than going into a studio and shooting a beautiful model. You can't help but catch yourself staring at some models the way you might a fawn, a racehorse, a tiger cub or some other purebred animal. It's not leering, it's admiration. How could anyone not want to gaze at them? And why would you deprive your eyes of such a visual pleasure? Large piercing eyes, beautiful straight noses, lean thin bodies, perfect features. That's why they're models. The cream of the crop of humanity (visually speaking).

I was shooting in a studio on 26th Street today. Catered food, bowls of M&Ms, beautiful model, great clothes, perfect hair, makeup and styling. I truly can't imagine a more wonderful way to make a living.

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