June 12, 2012

While Coming Home

 I've seen this elderly couple a few times on the train since living in Inwood. Last night I gave up my seat for them (yeah I know...a real humanitarian). The old gentleman is very slow, she seems a bit younger and more spry. They got off at 190th Street and I wondered about them climbing all those steps to exit the subway stop. He had the gaunt, hollow-cheeked  facial features of a WWII concentration camp victim. They held hands and dozed off for most of their trip home. I was so curious about their past.

I was shooting on the Upper East Side and walked past a spa that does waxing. According to this sign, if you were some hairy ape like Robin Williams it'd cost you about $323 to have a total depilatory treatment. Then again, I'm fairly certain they'd give you some sort of discount for being a human gorilla. I almost stopped in for a #5...the forehead wax.

1 comment:

  1. Its nice they have each other. When i was in high school, I worked in a retirement home. (Independant living) I used to love listening to the elderlys' stories on their lives. A glimpse into the past.