December 4, 2009

Bagels and Thanksgiving

These two posts are in the wrong order...Too much trouble to change.

Honey Packets:
Yesterday I went to Starbucks. My sweet sister and mother both gave me Starbucks cards which was really nice. I looked at all the food items behind the glass and weighed the good and bad with each one. New York requires a calorie content beside each item which helped in my decision. "What? An oatmeal raisin cookie has 4000 calories? Who knew?" Personally I was more concerned with fat grams which wasn't listed. After 5 minutes of wavering, I decided on a multigrain bagel. They put it in this oven like thing that sort of toasts and bakes it. It was dry and plain so I asked for some butter and honey. This is the point to this post: Those honey packets are the most worthless product on the planet. One ounce of honey in a container that is nearly impossible to extract it from. And, even after you squeeze the packet, half of it ends up on your fingers. So stupid. The packaging weighs more than the product. There has to be a better way to get honey.

The Bus:
Back from the Thanksgiving family extravaganza. It was an odd few days. On the bus down, there where the usual group of strange characters. Vamoose has increased their fare to $30 (one way) so it's weeded out most of the stinky and mentally unbalanced riders who opt for the $20 chinatown bus. In the seat across from me a guy in his mid 30's sat with headphones on watching The Godfather on his laptop. He reached into his pocket and took out a pack of gum, the "new" kind with the plastic slide out compartments. He'd take out 2 or 3 pieces and chew them frantically. Then after about 6 minutes he would wad up the gum in his mouth into a little ball, take it out of his mouth and place it back into one of the little empty plastic compartments in the gum pack. Then he'd press out 3 more pieces and begin the whole process again. Each time he would do this I would elbow Rebecca and whisper "watch". She wasn't nearly as interested as I was in this odd ritual. I felt I had to say something. I reached into my bag and took out a small scrap of paper. With the bus bumping around I scribbled out a message. I showed it to Rebecca and we both giggled like little kids.. Then I extended my arm and acted like I was handing to him... I chickened out before he turned around.

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