December 11, 2009

DVF & Snaps

I did a portrait shoot today of Diane Von Furstenberg. I got there, did my lighting set up and waited for the interview for the magazine to end. However, after an unexpected makeup touch up and sudden wardrobe change I found myself with 10 minutes to pull off two shots of her looking relaxed and beautiful, worthy of a cover and inside story. Exactly 10 minutes after we began she smiled and said "That's it" and walked away. I stood there shaking my head.... So frustrating. She was very nice, I'll give her that.

Winter's coming:
It's 20 degrees outside tonight.
I came upon this image in an older file. I shot it from the window of my apartment on Christopher street last year. I had my head poked out the window watching the fresh snow below. This person was walking along and just collapsed. The friends didn't stop or even pause. Eventually he/she got up and walked away. Very odd.

While gallery hopping not long ago I stuck my head out the window to see if it was still raining. I saw these three shiny trucks and snapped a photo. They just jumped out at me.

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