December 31, 2009

A New Year's Toast

I may have written about toast in a prior post (little rhyme there) but I can't remember and am too lazy to look back. The other day at a diner I ordered wheat toast purely for the sake of getting a bit more fiber. It looked and tasted like cardboard. I actually hate wheat toast but made an attempt at being more healthy. Basic white toast tastes like nothing, flour. It is only good if you slather it with butter and add some sort of jam. The toast becomes irrelevant. I do enjoy a good thickly sliced sourdough. Rye toast has a distinct flavor that I like very much with eggs and grits, or wheat-based hot cereals like Wheatena and Ralston. I don't like rye toast with jam, tastes weird. I never see pumpernickel on a diner menu and wouldn't order it if I ever were to see it. I find pumpernickel almost repulsive. My mother loves it. I splurged on Christmas Eve and bought some Sunmaid raisin bread. Nutritionally void but, for only $2.50, I figured it would be a nice treat. Christmas morning I woke up, made my Goya French press coffee (best in the world) and toasted a few slices of raisin bread. I smeared a little butter and wildflower honey over it. Damn... that's a tasty, quick, easy breakfast treat.

Walking through Penn Station the other day I noticed all the good fresh breads at Hot & Crusty and Zaro's bakery. I've decided my only New Year's resolution is to start buying really good freshly baked bread.

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