December 22, 2009

A mouse, a tree and a blowout

Here's an odd batch I took tonight.

#1. Last night I saw a mouse run across the kitchen floor. I felt like jumping up on the counter. Snakes, eels, rats and mice all creep me out. Anyway, I put out a trap and it went all night undisturbed. I put "natural" peanut butter on the trap and all day wondered if the mouse may have preferred Skippy or Jif. Tonight, around 8:00 pm I heard the telltale "snap". I actually feel bad about this one, cute mouse.

#2 This Christmas tree has been sitting in my lobby for over a week, alone. All of a sudden tonight it has a little friend sitting next to it. A pumpkin. Was it left over since Halloween? How did it get there? Very odd. The Christmas tree actually seemed perkier...

#3 Walking down the street tonight I saw this sign in front of a pizza joint. I was intrigued by "$6 a pie". Then saw "Limt 4 per person". I've never seen so many misspelled signs as in Inwood. Reading down further I noticed they make a pizza with "the works". Sauerkraut, onions and chili. Holy shit, have one of those babies for lunch before that first date. Or better yet, the night before that colonoscopy. The works?, No, perhaps "the blowout".

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